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A HEDJLEH is a memorial to an inexperienced wedding.

I started to deal with the topic “wedding bed” in 2016. As a result, I came across an object that has the same name but is used in mourning ceremonies. A Hejleh is an object or monument that is put up in public space in memory of young, deceased men who had not yet had their wedding night.

I started to deal with the object and forms of meaning. I have collected interview material for this because there are no written references and it is handled differently in each region. Through research, I came to the shape of a giant cedar tree, which is set up every year in central Iran for the third Shia Imam Hussein and is processed through the city. The mourning backgrounds are comparable. At the same time, the huge object also reflects the smaller representations in Iranian miniature painting. In addition, the cedar is the tree of Zarathustras, which is said to have brought the sacred tree from paradise to earth and is said to have planted one of the two paradise trees in “Kashmar” and the other in “Tous” by hand. At Zoroastrian ceremonies, objects in the form of a cedar keep appearing.

 I came to this form through Iranian architecture and simplified it. Nevertheless, I have retained the material and the original shape; my object consists of mirror parts so that you can see your own destroyed face in the mirror image. For a moment you can deal with transience. I also kept the rest of Hedjleh’s jewelry on my property as a reminder of the idea of a wedding. The two-part form is the memory of the female sexual organ, which stands for birth and life or the next world. I put a green light inside. Green is a sacred color in Islam for spring, freedom and silence.

 Wedding is one of the most important steps in life in Islamic countries because first love and sexual relationship begin. Here Hedjleh represents a small reminder of it. Since a so-called Hejleh is only set up for young men, my installation should above all criticize this gender separation. That’s why I played with female shapes, among other things.

my interpretation of cedar tree also reminds us of the female sex organ and rebirth.