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The works shown are post-processing from Iranian erotic painting from the 19th century. “Ghajar period” “Portrait of the Ghajar Lady” belongs to the middle of the 19th century Iran had extensive connections to Europe in the 19th century. and their effects in art can still be seen today. Ghajar paintings have been influenced in the subject, perspective, and colors of western classical painting. Despite the influence of Islam, erotic paintings have always appeared. The images shown are post-processing with screen printing technology. Screen printing is a medium that has only existed since the beginning of the 20th century “it can be called a relatively new technique” and it is often used in pop art and for advertising. In my work I tried to re-synchronize old Ghajar paintings and to connect them with the medium of screen printing. since it is a striking form of art and it works better with such erotic images.