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With a glimpse into a shattered mirror or a flustered lake we get a defamiliarized picture of the world. A displaced, distorted and deconstructed images in our eyes. But yet our minds try to connect them to familiar aesthetics from memories.

With each move in puzzle fragments, the visitors find themselves involved in the creation process, creating a variation of the artist’s self-portrait, a variation which can’t be wrong but yet not familiar.

More than 300 self-portrait drawings, collected through Last years.They are demonstrating certain days of painter’s life, as fragments of feelings. they are crumpled because they are not supposed to be compared, like another puzzle. The visitors must set the fragments together themselves to build another self-portrait in their minds.

The gap in the Gallery room is filled by a self-portrait of the artist. Her screaming reflection visualizes a kind of window that makes the connection between the basement and the exhibition space visible to visitors.

The reflection of the viewer overlaps with the self-portrait of the artist. The endless repetition creates a new space. An illusion that should arouse the visitor’s imagination and curiosity.