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Within all societies and cultures, there are customs that reveal superstitious elements. Indicators of these symbols can be seen as but not limited to blue stones, salt cubes, and a various shapes of eyes. In Iran, these symbols are known as “nazar-gir.” For example, the “Evil Eye” is an amulet that cleanses all negative energy from the receiver of it’s glare.

The shapes that I have created might be far from the typical “nazar-gir,” but they have captured my attention. The designs on these shapes are inspired by old superstitious beliefs.

After traveling and experiencing diverse cultures, I have come to the conclusion that the display of luxurious apparel and excessive accessories in today’s society remind me of the same concept of “nazar-gir.”

People are so engulfed by the essentials of appearance. In today’s society we tend to focus more on what a person is wearing than the actual person.