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Frank Hartmann states that:
“Fear of natural decay characterizes civilized man. Against the archaic superiority of mythical nature, Odysseus, quite the prototype of civilization, defends himself with human cunning. Those who do not resist the spell of archaic seduction fall back to a pre-civilization state”.

After spending a long time at home during the pandemic lockdown, returning to nature was an incredible experience—a new perception of the environment and especially the natural world. I was very impressed by the people-less landscapes: sea, meadows, mountains, emptiness.

The beauty and simplified forms of nature became clear to me. I could follow the traces of people and animals, but the landscapes were like stills from a science fiction movie. I saw how landscapes, when left alone to breathe in peace, could become wild and magical again.

I was able to recognize the connection of my body to space, my soul to nature. These are the main themes of my new paintings. My brain acts as a filter for the landscapes which my hands then reproduce in a simplified painterly form — mysterious quiet scenes, with few details and a significantly reduced colour palette.

David Hockney mentioned:

“Pictures influence pictures, but images also make us see things we might not otherwise see.”